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Our current circumstances on the planet have led to an overall acceleration in consciousness. We seek now new consciousness technologies to move forward in a faster and more efficient manner as we meet new problems and challenges. Accessing higher states of consciousness and connections to spiritual help is necessary to work with the problems both personal and planetary that we face. The Arcturian Consciousness and Energy is one source of this available help that we can access.

The Arcturian Accelerator Program is the latest downloaded frequencies from the Arcturians in the Arcturian Healing Method meant to systematically raise the overall vibration in our subtle bodies. These subtle bodies include the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal (karmic), spiritual (soul), and divine. There are seven 35 minute activations each keyed to one of the particular subtle bodies.

Also, embedded on each soundtrack is a meditation sequence meant to help consistently build the various energy centers within your subtle body framework. These energy centers are part of the vertical energy column running above, through, and below your physical body. The various energy centers activated in these seven transmissions include the first chakra above the head, the head center, the throat center, the heart center, the belly center (lower dan tien), and the Thunder Chakra (right beneath the root chakra). Systematic development of these energy centers eventually leads to spiritual abilities and gifts such as clairvoyance and healing capacities.

There are seven transmissions meant to raise your overall vibration. The number seven carries a unique vibration encoded into the entire program. In the vibrational healing modality called Biogeometry, the number seven holds a unique vibration that acts as a spiritual carrier wave to carry other vibrations and frequencies into a space. By doing the entire seven transmissions, you activate this spiritual carrier wave frequency into your overall system to carry the intentions of the entire program deeply into your subtle bodies, timeline, and life.

Also, the seven transmissions are meant to be easily incorporated into a weekly practice where you can do one transmission per a day throughout the week. This will help you to methodically raise your frequency every day and also act as a chance to develop each chakra and energy center mentioned in the meditation sequence for each transmission.

A large scale program is to do the seven transmissions seven times. This leads to the number 49 and its unique vibration and significance for the human energy field. The kundalini in our energy spine has 7 layers and each of these layers has 7 sublayers for a total of 49 sublayers in the entire system. This is graphically depicted in paintings of Lord Shiva who has 7 cobra heads emerging above his head to represent the awakened seven layers of the kundalini. When you do the seven transmissions of the Arcturian Accelerator Program for a total of seven times, you awaken and go into resonance with the fully activated seven layers of the kundalini.

Another overall aspect of the Arcturian Accelerator Program is that as you do them you will make a deeper connection with Higher Beings and Teachers in the Inner World who want to help you develop yourself so that you can be of greater service to the planet. Also, these specific transmissions help you to make a stronger connection with the Arcturians if that is what you want.

Below is a detailed description of each Arcturian Accelerator Transmission:

Arcturian Accelerator #1:

This transmission focuses on raising the overall vibration of your physical body. Use this transmission if healing any physical symptoms as well as moving your physical health to an entirely new level. The meditation sequence embedded on the soundtrack will build all the energy centers in you Pillar of Light equally: the first chakra above the head, the head center, the throat center, the heart center, the belly center (lower dan tien), and the Thunder Chakra (right beneath the root chakra).

Arcturian Accelerator #2:

The frequencies downloaded in this transmission work to clear and build your etheric (pranic) body. The frequencies of the transmission will clear blockages and raise the overall quality of the etheric body to a gold vibration over time. If you practice the meditation sequence embedded on the transmission, you will further build the overall Pillar of Light in your energy field and the six centers mentioned before ( the first chakra above the head, the head center, the throat center, the heart center, the belly center (lower dan tien), and the Thunder Chakra (right beneath the root chakra).

Arcturian Accelerator #3:

This transmission works on your emotional body. It clarifies and makes calm the emotional body like a body of still water. These frequencies release samskaras (emotional scars) and traumas in your emotional body. This will allow higher forces from your more subtle bodies, the Divine, and Higher Beings, to flow freely and clearly through your system and consciousness. The meditation sequence specifically focuses on the head center which builds our clairvoyance and clarity in thinking over time.

Arcturian Accelerator #4:

This transmission focuses on raising the vibration of the mental body. This will allow for clearing thinking and consciously working with packed thought forms. You will be able to focus on work with no distractions. The meditation sequence embedded on this soundtrack develops the throat center. This is the center of higher creativity and your voice. The transmission will help to develop your capacity to express at a higher level with higher frequencies in what you do. The throat center is made up of 16 lotus petals. 8 of these petals are already developed in humanity through evolution. The remaining 8 petals still need to be developed. This transmission helps to more fully develop the remaining 8 petals of the throat chakra. Also, the meditation during the transmission goes through a rotation through all 16 petals of the throat chakra.

Arcturian Accelerator #5:

This transmission develops more fully the causal body or karmic body. As the frequency of this body is raised, karmic patterns are healed and balanced. The meditation sequence emphasizes the development of the heart center. The heart chakra is made up of 12 lotus petals. 6 are already developed and the remaining 6 need to be fully developed in humanity. This transmission will aid in fully opening all 12 petals of the heart chakra. There is also a rotation around the petals of the heart embedded in the meditation sequence on this transmission's soundtrack.

Arcturian Accelerator #6:

This sixth transmission works to raise the frequency in the spiritual (soul) body. The spiritual body carries the blueprint patterns and information from our soul. When the frequency of this body is raised it allows us to more fully express our soul's information and essence in all our subtle bodies and environment. The meditation sequence focuses on the belly center (also known as the lower dan tien in Chinese Medicine and Yoga) which is the center for will and action. The belly center houses our chi much like a storage battery for life force energy. This transmission will help to build your internal power and ability to carry out actions in the world.

Arcturian Accelerator #7:

This transmission sequence will fully allow your divine subtle body to shine through your consciousness and other subtle bodies. The divine subtle body is where our consciousness is unified with the Godhead and is non-dual. This body is perfect just as it is. We just need to recognize this perfection and allow it to be expressed in all our other subtle bodies and consciousness. This transmission facilitates this process. In addition, the meditation sequence in this transmission activates particularly the Thunder Chakra which is the energy point right below the root chakra. The Thunder Chakra houses our kundalini energy. This transmission activates and initiates the rise of the kundalini in our system. The activated kundalini will ascend our central channel of energy during the meditation to further activate and energize the belly center, the heart center, the throat center, the head center, and finally the first chakra above the head.

Overall these transmissions act as gateway portals into the spiritual realms when you play them. This allows frequencies and energies from the non-physical realms and the spiritual beings invited from these realms to enter into your space, the physical environment, your consciousness, and your subtle bodies.

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“ My purchase of Gene's special offer last season was the best investment I made all year! I've been listening to his mp3s daily and the surgery I was supposed to have has been cancelled! I am eternally grateful to Gene for his amazing work... ”

~ Marianna

“ I feel so Grateful to you, Gene... Thank You So Much! I got slammed with some difficult energies the last 2 days and these frequencies/transmissions are bringing me much needed relief. Thank You Thank You! ”

~ Jeanne-Marie M.

“ In May of 2015 I went bowling and felt something had shifted in my knee by mid June I was seeing an orthopedic doctor for the pain who concluded I had a tear and I was scheduled for surgery. I attended the Arcturian Healing Level Method Level 1 and 2 classes the last weekend in June. The next week I started physical therapy I went three times and every time I went I kept saying it felt fine that day, I have since canceled my surgery and have been pain free. The only conclusion I could come up with is the Arcturian Healing Method modality, I am ever so grateful. ”

~ J.W. Lowell, Mass.

“ Thank you so much for all of this. I love what you are doing, and resonate with it so much... I also wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your workshop immensely!!! I’ve been doing most of these techniques in my healings for some time now. However, you presented them all in a very neat package (ha, ha)... couldn’t resist saying that. I loved how you used the spoon bending technique to show that this really does work!!! ”

~ Sherry Smith, Andover, Massachusetts

“ Gene is the teacher I have been waiting for! Years before the class I was guided that I am a multidimensional healer. At that time I didn't even know what those words meant, let alone what it would look like in real life. After having the AHL Level 1 class, I understood the term multidimensional healer and had the tools to bring it to my everyday life! Thank you! ”

~ Nancy Cook, Pennsylvania

“ Gene Ang is a master healer and teacher. The Reconnection healing that I experienced with him was very powerful and I highly recommend it. I have gone to various healers over the years, some very powerful. And I can say confidently that he is one of the best. After the session, I feltvery grounded and connected in a way that I have never experienced before. I felt great physically, emotionally and spiritually. It has been months since the session and I still feel very positive and emotionally peaceful. I look forward to seeing him again for another healing session. He has a very gentle soul and an endearing spirit. And the fact that he is a Yale graduate makes him all the more interesting, credible and trustworthy! ”

~ S.H., Southampton, PA

“ I don't know how it works, but I know that it does. I have consulted Gene for the removal of barriers for various important but mundane occasions (house sale, an important meeting, the pregnancy and delivery of my second son, new home purchase, and more) and EVERY time the result has been excellent. Since the time of my Reconnection (done in person) and my Reconnective Healing (performed remotely) I have had quantum leaps in my spiritual and personal development. I wouldn't say that Gene's work created these developments, but that they caused subtle shifts and openings leading to tremendous changes, both felt and seen. I liken it to the movement of tectonic plates. Gene is a neutral and powerful channel for this work. Neutral in the best sense of the word: his presence is steady, calm and non-judgmental so that as a personality he almost disappears... ”

~ G.M., Philadelphia, PA


Gene Ang on Wisdom of the Ancients

Gene Ang

Gene Ang, Ph.D. has a healing practice based in Thousand Oaks, CA and sees clients for a number of energy healing practices. In addition, he teaches seminars that focus on the integration of science, spirituality, and healing. Gene travels both in the United States and internationally facilitating healing sessions and workshops. Gene received his BA from Stanford in Human Biology and Philosophy/ Religious Studies, and Ph.D from Yale University in Neurobiology. His work centers around the use of subtle energy to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind.