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Wow! What an amazing time to be alive on our beloved Mother Earth right now. Everything has gone crazy as the authoritarian shadow masculine structures are imploding. We are seeing some very desperate attempts by the incumbent rulers of our society to maintain control via ever more ludicrous shows of fear and force.

They are losing their energetic support, as the vibration of the planet is rising and a new age is naturally dawning. And while this instability can be quite unsettling for your egoic personality self, the opportunity for empowered transformation is very exciting for your Higher Self.

Now is the best time that we have seen in several thousand years for you to choose to consciously Awaken to Your Empowered Self, and reclaim your Sovereignty as a Being of Light. Now is your time to shine bright my friend. Your Soul and Higher Self are ready to be more present. And the collective, and our society, will benefit very much from your high-vibrational influence.

Of course, it is a process, and you have to be willing to accept that it will take time and involve the discomfort of peeling away and releasing various forms of resistance that remain in your field from past experiences.

Working as a team, Matt and ManTarA are very effective at inspiring, facilitating, and supporting progress on this process. We are offering to partner with your Higher Self to work into the very roots of what has been limiting your ability to embrace your personal power and act with authentic confidence as a Sovereign Being on this planet for such a long time.

We understand the persecution experiences you have suffered in your past as a being of Light who has consistently chosen to show up and shine despite the fact that darkness has been ruling with an iron fist. We have the experience to help you effectively release the trauma and the implanted disempowering beliefs that you carry as a result of those harsh experiences. We are dedicated to helping Lightworkers who are choosing to awaken back into their personal power and claim sovereignty and authority for themselves.

It would be our great honour and Joy to assist you in achieving your empowered Sovereignty.

This is your invitation.

'Many Breakthroughs that Helped Me be a Better Healer'

“ So much gratitude to Matt and ManTarA! My 1-1 session was so phenomenal; feel I can’t do justice with my words describing it. Matt was so loving, patience, kind, and sooo supportive. ManTarA Light language speaks to my Soul so profoundly that I “cried a river”, so much releasing & clearing, so many insights, immersed in infinite Love, and support from Above.

What I also love about Matt and ManTarA, is that they lovingly help guide us back to our True Essence, who we REALLY are, and effortlessly abiding in the Heart space of allowance, peace, unconditional love, support, and trust where the concerns from our “list” are irrelevant. I also quickly had a lot of breakthroughs shortly after working with Matt & ManTarA that helped me become even a better healer, shining my Light even brighter, and feel empowered to make several more powerful healing MP3s for which before I was definitely not confident before since these MP3s topics were way out of my comfort zone. Also, before my 1-1 session, just after listening to 3 of Matt’s MP3 early in the day, that evening I spontaneously started to speak similar Light language. This never happened to me before and the experience was so healing, filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude.

~ Jenny Ngo, RN, CNM, Dimensional Healing

Who is ManTarA and How Can We Help You?

ManTarA is a collective of Angelic Beings with a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities. I believe some members of ManTarA are Ascended Masters of Angelic origin, some are Archangels, some are beings like myself (still working on mastery of the incarnated experience), and some are very pure Angelics who have not yet chosen to incarnate in any form so are still very close to God. All the members of ManTarA contribute to the diverse abilities that they have to facilitate transformation, and help people change and grow in empowered ways.

I, Matt, allow ManTarA’s energy to flow through me, as best I can, in both powerful Light Language and channelled English. We also hold potent intentional energetic spaces or containers — not limited by time or space — that are conducive to our clients relaxing into the process of transformation and embracing the confidence to step forward into the next most beneficial empowered action step.

The unique Light Language that we transmit is usually very fast, rhythmic, hypnotic, and it is quite often felt very powerfully by the listener. The Light Language is intended to primarily take you out of your limited mental reality and create an expansion in the field by shaking up, disentangling, and lubricating the discordant or dense energies that are present. ManTarA then works to support and assist your Higher Self to do the best job in releasing and reintegrating those energies with the result of more freedom to embrace the higher vibrations that you are encouraged to actively choose to align with.

ManTarA has always been focused on empowering anyone who chooses to work with them. They are very careful not to form dependant relationships, they do not want to be seen as your saviour, they do not want you to think that they just “fix”/ heal you. They are very interested in helping you to help yourself, to give you the tools, and thus develop your authentic confidence from experience to know that you can go on to help yourself and to help others at any time.

Ultimately they are very good at what they do, and if you are prepared to step up and take ownership of your process of transformation, then they will assist you step by step to achieve the freedom to manifest your desired outcomes in a consistent and empowered way. It’s a collaboration, we are a community, your success is our Joy.

We are particularly excited to be helping people to Awaken to their Empowered Self as a Sovereign Being, because we know that in doing so the balance of power will start to shift back to the grassroots. The power will shift in our communities to be held by individuals who stand in their truth, and this will significantly improve the health and happiness levels in our society for everyone.

'A Higher Level of Mastery with My own Light Language'

“ I am so appreciative of the beautiful session I had with Matt and ManTarA. First off, Matt is so easy to talk to. His energy is kind, loving and peaceful. I was instantly at ease just being in his energy field. Then when he channeled ManTarA all I can say is holy wow! It was amazing. The energy was deep and profound. As a light worker, who also channels light language, and has worked with many powerful healers I have to say that this work is absolutely filled with light, love and healing. I was pleasantly immersed in a loving embrace of supportive energy. During my session I was deeply moved, and at the same time relaxed, as I was taken to new levels of awareness. Afterward I felt a higher level of confidence, as well as a higher level of mastery with my light language. The energy that was transmitted and the light language that was spoken is high frequency, one that opens up new and deeper channels of healing, awareness and support that was felt in every cell of my body. Thank you so much Matt and ManTarA! I am so grateful for your healing gifts. ”

~ Robin Chellis, Light Code Healing

'Light Language that Reached into the Deepest Levels of My Being'

“ I want to thank Matt Andrews for such an amazing session. Many people forget that light workers are also prone to exhaustion and stress on occasion and it was such a blessing to be able to connect with Matt and his amazing Channel of Light who lifted my tiredness and replaced my being with light and ease and also answered many of my unspoken questions regarding the direction I am taking. There are no words to describe what the session is actually like! It has to be experienced to be believed. Matt and his Channel spoke in Light Language that reached into the deepest levels of my being and were spot on with the issues that I was holding on to. Thank you Matt. The changes continue to be felt. You are a blessing to this World. ”

~ Sandra St.Yves , (Quantum-Transformations)


Awaken to Your Empowered Self as a Sovereign Being Workshop

ManTarA and I Love to work live, riding in the energy created in the moment to deliver content and transformational intentions with Light Language facilitations to those who are inspiring our sharing. We also Love to create an energetic container that holds people for a period of time so that we can establish a supportive relationship with those we are serving.

Each of the three live group facilitations will include:

  • 30 min practical information
  • 30 min Light Language facilitation
  • 30 min Q&A All calls are recorded with all transformational energies intact and will be available as a replay straight after the live call concludes.

The Process of Awakening

90-min Live Call: Sunday, 7th June at 3PM Central

Awakening is very much a process rather than an event. Awake is not a yes-or-no quality for anyone, but rather a progression that has no end because the universe, or God if you like, is continually expanding into infinity.

This call will be both a practical exploration of the awakening process to help you manage it in a more empowered and comfortable way, as well as an energetic facilitation to help you to relax into a deeper experience of awakening beyond your expectations and resistances.

Strengthening Your Personal Power

90-min Live Call: Sunday, 14th June at 3PM Central

Your Personal Power is the engine behind your ability to complete any intentional activity. Effectively, it is the amount of your own Divine Light that you have access to, and it creates the awesome combination of both passion and authentic confidence.

This call will help you unravel any false beliefs and resistances that have prevented you from becoming powerful as an expression of your Self before now. We will facilitate an out-of-mind experience of your true energetic power so that you can more fully accept and appreciate your Self as you naturally accelerate into that expansive expression.

Claiming and Maintaining Your Sovereignty

90-min Live Call: Sunday, 21st June at 3PM Central

Sovereignty is basically self-determination and taking responsibility for being your own authority. While it can be relatively easy to claim that you are a Sovereign Being, we all know that it is much more challenging to consistently act in a way that is aligned with living as a Sovereign Being.

So the challenging intention for this call is to create a space that is ultra-conducive to your evolution into practical sovereignty. Moving beyond just the theory and actually facilitating your evolution into someone who walks in the world maintaining a more naturally sovereign energy, and experience, when dealing with the old authoritarian structures that are getting more excessively obvious with their desperate attempts to keep you disempowered and under control.


I Choose Empowerment

Energy Facilitation MP3 (22:44 min)

Matt,, assisted by ManTarA, has recorded a very potent process as he walks on the beach with the practices Choosing in an Empowered way to focus on the expansive outcomes that he desires, of stepping with authentic confidence into a more empowered version of himself, of embracing self-worth and opening up to receive in bigger ways, and being truly free to be the greatest expression of Self.

This track was recorded live as Matt walks through the shallows along the beach of the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand with the intention of both facilitating an empowering transformation in your energy fields as well as sharing how you might embrace such a practice naturally for yourself.

Matt delivers information and inspiration in English in a candid way as he shares his own practice, and ManTarA intersperses Light Language throughout the session to lift the vibration and lubricate the process of releasing discordance and limitations, as the emphasis is directed to choosing to choose what serves you. Mother Earth adds the high-vibrational ambience of the seashore and there is plenty of time to breathe with the soundscape and integrate the energies at the end of the track.

Release, Reset, Restore

Energy Facilitation MP3 (21:00 min)

This session is intended to work to clear the discordance or density that is right on the surface of your field creating the stress that you are currently experiencing.

Whether you are experiencing emotional turmoil, mental anxiety, or physical discomfort, this session is intended to act as an emergency first-aid treatment to Release the energies that have you stuck in that loop and allow a Reset to energetically occur, so that you can Restore a sense of peace and balance, and Regain your empowered confidence.

One of the major obstacles most people encounter on this path of ascension is the tendency to overidentify with the unpleasant experience of releasing past discordant energies that they have been carrying. This session can be a very powerful tool to bring more ease and grace to that transformational process allowing your attention to return to the energies you are choosing to align with and embody.

Align With Your True Values and Express Your Authentic Self

Energy facilitation MP3 (75 min)

This group call utilised the conducive energies of the May full moon just passed to facilitate a bit of a dig into your moral compass — the aspect of you that assesses and influences your behaviour with the intent to stay on the right side of good/right/ proper/correct — and enquire into its foundations. Is it based in indoctrinated rules handed down by an external authority or Heart based Soul wisdom of what is truly valuable to the Higher aspect of you?

Now more than ever, our society will benefit from you aligning with your authentic values and being willing to express yourself from that space. Be willing to be seen, and willing to influence others to do the same, embrace the freedom to step out of the historic, imposed moral rules and simply trust that you are inherently Divine in your Heart, at your core — you are an Empowered Sovereign Being.

This session is an extended Light Language experience, and many of you will feel very floaty or sleepy during it. It may serve you to lie down so you can totally relax and allow yourself to be carried in the energy of the space that is created. It is intended to be a very relaxed but powerful experience where you can allow a profound expansion of your field and thus deep healing and transformation to occur. There is nothing you need to concentrate on or try to achieve, it is all about relaxing and allowing the higher aspects of you to help you to become free of your limitations and embrace you empowered outcomes.

'You have literally Given Me My Life Back'

“ Matt, I don't know where I'd be without you and ManTarA, or honestly if I'd still be here. After many years of suffering and working with countless teachers and healers, it was only when I found you and took a leap of faith to invest in your program that my life began to turn around. The energy and guidance you gave me was so different -- so personal and effective -- that it provided exactly the "leg up" I needed to pull myself out of the dark spiral that had been consuming me and my body. How can I ever thank you enough for the dramatic change that has taken place since then and for the unfailing support you've given me every step of the way? You have literally given me my life back, and my love and gratitude are beyond measure! ”

~ Kathryn, USA

'Huge Release and My Vibration Has Changed, I Love These Calls'

“ Hi Matt Andrews/ManTarA, I have just listened to the replay of the Group Light Language Call. It was an unbelievably strong experience. I feel that I was releasing not only in this lifetime however also from past lifetimes and ancestral beliefs too. The conversation in the beginning brought up a lot of energy. At the start of the light language I could feel energy moving out with my breath. It was really strong and I was seeing pink light. By the middle of the light language, I was easier breathing. Towards the end of the light language -- I felt energy moving around in this crick that I had in my neck at the beginning, and also energy in my tailbone. As I am typing, those areas now feel calm - no pain, no energy movement -- like it was released, whatever it was. I have to say I felt my Divine Spirit Council/Counsel, my Light Team, and all the Archangels there with me and you and ManTarA. Each felt like they had a hand at pulling something out of my energy field in the first half of light language. I love these calls. They are always an "experience". Thank you and bless you Matt,ManTarA. You have certainly changed my vibration in many lifetimes this time. Love and Light! ”

~ Sandy S.


Included in PACKAGE A:

  • Awaken to Your Empowered Self as a Sovereign Being Workshop
    • The Process of Awakening Session
    • Strengthening Your Personal Power Session
    • Claiming and Maintaining Your Sovereignty
    • I Choose Empowerment Energy Facilitation
    • Release, Reset, Restore Energy Facilitation
    • Align With Your True Values and Express Your Authentic Self




Offered on WOTA

$72 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $36

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )


Everything in PACKAGE A


A package of six brand new transformational Light Language energy audio sessions to further support the intention of facilitating your Awakening into Your Empowered Self as a Sovereign Being.

Breathe in My Divine Light V3

English Intro MP3 (8:55 min) / Energy Facilitation MP3 (16:00 min)

Since the beginning of my relationship with ManTarA, utilising conscious breathing to facilitate transformation has always been emphasised, probably just as much as channelling Light language, to create an expansive space for that transformation to occur. And, of course, there is no hierarchy, the two processes work well together in collaboration to help you through the process as quickly and as gracefully as possible.

This breathing process is very powerful and empowering because you can do it anywhere, anytime, to any degree, to align yourself with what you are choosing to embody and experience, and in this Light Language session our intention is to invite you to use this breathing process to align with your own Divine Light and to automatically let go of all limitations as you breathe out.

This is the third time we have recorded this foundational session, choosing to upgrade the energies that we can now bring to it. There are 2 separate recordings: an instructional introduction all in English then the Light Language energy facilitation.

Woke - Breaking the Spell of Fear

Energy Facilitation MP3 (19:55 min)

It is time for you to release yourself from the control that the shadow external authorities have had over you for millennia. It is time for you to step forward with authentic confidence into your power as a Sovereign Being, willing to see past the facade of “normality” and step further past the fears of having to conform, into your own brilliant uniqueness.

ManTarA is dedicated to helping you find and maintain the courage and maturity to see how manipulated society has been and not get lost in anger, grief or fear, but to rather be able to shine the Light of the Divine into the shadows. With eyes wide open, able to respond with strength and compassion, and not be triggered into judgmental reactions.

This session is intended to help you maintain presence and peace as you awaken to the truth of how the old society has been run using fear to maintain control, so that you can effectively advocate for the new expansive light filled, Love based, collaboration that we choose for our future, starting right now. Woke and Empowered to respond as a Sovereign Being.

Authentic Personal Power

Energy Facilitation MP3 (15:55 min)

Relax and surrender into being naturally powerful as the Being that you inherently Be. Your true power is truly personal and is very internal.

This Light Language session will help you focus on your Beingness, sovereign and authentically individual, and let go of needing to do the prescribed doingness. Appreciating your authentic brilliance, even if it does not fit in the box that society has historically honoured, will naturally awaken and strengthen your personal power, so you can hold your head high and walk in the world advocating for the outcomes that your Heart desires, influencing the evolution of our society in the most beneficial way.

Sovereignty in Community

Energy Facilitation MP3 (14:44 min)

There is no doubt that it is high time for each of us to break free of the manipulative control of the incumbent shadow masculine ruling authority.

Taking ownership of your own sovereign authority does not mean risking societal anarchy, because we are choosing to do authority from the Heart rather than the head, using Love rather than fear to foster collaborative win/win/win outcomes. We are intending to help you overcome the need for strict rules and contracts as we collectively trust each other to act for the common good without anyone needing to be controlled or to sacrifice their own Joy. We are choosing to transcend the need to impose external expectations of rules, morals, or “virtuous values”.

This energetic facilitation will help you play your part in making this our collective reality. Allowing the concept of Sovereignty and Unity Consciousness to be mutually inclusive. Being an authentic sovereign individual and intricately part of a cohesive collaborative community. Holding space for a new dynamic balance between the needs of individuals and that of the collective — a new expansive version of community.

Become Free of Your History

Energy Facilitation MP3 (21:11 min)

This facilitation is a pretty simple shakeout release session with the intention to help you become sovereign and empowered to live free in the now.

Freedom is what we all desire. To be free as a Sovereign Being, responsible for our selves, and not entrapped to live under the rules of any external authoritarian power.

This Light Language session is all about becoming free from your history. Releasing residual trauma, pain, limiting beliefs, and indoctrinated rules. Releasing oaths, vows, promises, and contracts. Releasing curses, hexes, implants, and dark spells. Releasing Soul entanglements and all sorts of judgmental energy Releasing anything and everything from the past that limits your ability to embrace your empowered sovereignty.

Activate Your Own Higher Authority

Energy Facilitation MP3 (17:22 min)

This powerful activation is primarily intended to strengthen your awareness of the implicit connection that you have with your Higher Self so that you can feel that influence more obviously in your life. Helping your ego to relax into allowing the Higher Authority of your Divine Self to overshadow and diminish the need to comply with the controlling rules of the incumbent authorities.

Developing a stronger relationship with the vibration of Love, and your own Heart- based values.

Trusting the wisdom of your Higher Self to guide you into standing authentically confident as an empowered Sovereign Being.

'MP3's are Easy to Work with and Very Empowering'

“ Working with Matt and ManTarA has been one of the best things I have ever chosen to do for myself. The MP3's are easy to work with and very empowering become your authentic self and allow your Divine Light to shine out, allowing you to do the work that will enable you to . For anyone who is truly seeking the path to Love and Light, I highly recommend investing in your self and working with Matt and ManTarA.. 

Much Love, ”
~ Gail

'Allowing my Authentic Self to be Seen Fully'

“ I have been enjoying working with the MP3's and I've been seeing and feeling amazing results in my life, lately. My authentic confidence level is soaring. Friends and colleagues are noticing. I'm getting calls from people wanting to work with me. I recently embraced another level of trust and joy, allowing my authentic self to be seen fully on stage (and off). I'm relaxing around new and important life choices I have recently made (from the heart) and have been feeling very light and trusting around not yet knowing what the future will bring. I've been sleeping like a baby and even laughed out loud in my dreams and woke myself up! I'm soooo thankful for the possibility of growing and healing with you and ManTarA by my side. It's wonderful work. Exactly what I needed to learn to step into life more expansively and enjoy mySelf! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I highly recommend this work to anyone who wants to go deep into joy and lightness.

~ Betty, France

'Really very Effective to Open My Heart'

“ I would like to express my total gratitude for Matt and ManTarA’s lovely, authentic, presence and nourishing support that has helped me to feel confidence and trust in myself again. For me, ManTarA's light language has been really very effective to open my Heart and have the guts to face up and release old stuff that really doesn't serve me. Therefore, every day is now a new day. Thank you. ”

~ Rita Laurini


Included in PACKAGE B:

  • All of Package A
  • PLUS

  • Breathe in My Divine Light V3
  • Woke - Breaking the Spell of Fear
  • Authentic Personal Power
  • Sovereignty in Community
  • Become Free of Your History
  • Activate Your Own Higher Authority




Offered on WOTA

$135 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $67.50

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )


Everything in PACKAGE A and PACKAGE B


A 60-min Private Sovereign Being Awakening Session with Matt, ManTarA

This is an opportunity to have ManTarA address your personal issues that are limiting your ability to awaken as a Sovereign Being and operate in the world with empowered freedom to express your most expansive purposeful Self.

The format of this session will be tailored to suit your requirements. We will work with the Light Language to facilitate expansion on the energetic front as well as supporting that work with coaching-style practical steps to empower you in the process and help your intellectual mind to evolve and become more allowing of your process. We are committed to facilitating the energies required for you to become empowered enough to know your truth and to take action aligned with your knowing as a Sovereign Being. The session will be recorded.


Included in PACKAGE C:

  • All of Package A & PACKAGE B
  • PLUS

  • A 60 min Private Sovereign Being Awakening Session




Offered on WOTA

$198 USD

Also available in 2 payments of $99

( 2 payments only available via credit card, not PayPal )


'After that session I turned a corner. Something huge and real transformed'

“ I first connected with Matt Andrews over five years ago and was immediately blown away by the sheer power and energy of the light language being expressed by such a cool and grounded person. I have dedicated my life to the healing path and have worked with many people as both as a client, student, and facilitator. I have never met anyone who brings what Matt and ManTar bring, and with such fun and authenticity!

Seemingly without effort, Matt and ManTarA have somehow always been there for me as a friend and guide in some of the most profound pivots of my life. It's like the call goes out from my Spirit, and suddenly the support is there. Matt and Mantara have had such impact, yet have never told me what to do or down-played the task at hand. It is always just a very loving process of uncovering and reminding me the truth of my inner power, ability, and worthiness.

I find it easy to relax into an easy and sometimes humorous conversation with Matt where you always receive a fresh perspective. When receiving the light language there is often a lot of physical relief and release. And then I truly see the benefits of what was shifted during the session continue to play out in my life

I especially want to share how they helped me in this past year. Spring 2019 my brother passed away in a situation that was tragic on a lot of levels and many things combined to make staying on Earth without my brother feel like an absolute battle that I was not sure I could survive. I felt as close to the edge as I have ever been.

Matt and Mantara stepped in with a session in the first weeks after he passed. They were able to have such compassion and understanding with the 3D/Earth aspect of my brother's passing along with very clear knowledge of the deeper energetics surrounding the situation and the spiritual support that was so crucial. When the light language began to flow in the session, I received a visual message from my brother that brought some needed peace and relief.

I also felt the dark energies that were surrounding me since he passed be cleared away, as if washing off a dusty car. After that session I turned a corner. Something huge and real transformed. While I have of course have had many more hard times on this grief journey, I never again returned to the dangerously low way I was feeling before that session. I will always be grateful that I already had a relationship to Matt and ManTarA in my darkest hours.

I would recommend Matt and Mantara for anyone who is ready for more relaxation, trust and empowerment in their life. Some of their work is meant to be understood, some of it is meant to be felt, some of it is meant to just be. If you are ready to be authentically present for your own life, Matt and Mantara are wonderful guides to work with on the path, wherever it leads. ”

~ Alee Hoffman, Akashic Records Teacher and Coach

'Body is Finally Pain Free after Years of ongoing Problems'

“ It is with a very humble heart and great privilege that I have this opportunity to express my great love and gratitude for the healing journey Matt Andrews and myself have walked... From our very 1st session together it has been a journey of discovery, trust, healing and love. Matt’s beautiful nature, friendliness and authenticity shines through in the way he conducts himself and his healings. There is a great sense of Faith and belief in the process. The healing and transformation together has been one of great growth and awakening in all areas of my life. I’m in much gratitude for our time spent as we have peeled away layer upon layer of suppression, limiting beliefs, fears and long since done memories. I’m proud to say I’ve re-awakened to so much self-love, inner trust, freedom, truth and understanding of the gift that we all are, through our sessions. ManTarA's healings have allowed me to see the abundance of love and support that is in, and around, my life. My body is so much stronger and finally pain free after years of on going problems.

~ Paul Jackson, Titahi Bay, NZ.

'Constant Pain in my left shoulder had Suddenly Diminished Considerably'

“ I knew my session with Matt/ManTarA was going to be profound twenty four hours before it even began. I had just purchased a series of their mp3's and was listening to one when I noticed that the constant pain in my left shoulder (which has been a chronic problem for the past 15 years) had suddenly diminished considerably. I hadn't been focusing on the pain at the time or even thinking about it, but its lessening was powerfully noticeable.

During my one on one session with Matt/ManTarA the next day, I found them to be empathic, congenial and wise, with profound wisdom to share. The Light Language was incredibly relaxing and soothing and I came away from the session with clear insights and a strong sense of peace.. My shoulder has continued to improve and I am finding I now have more clarity in decision making, as well as greater self awareness in identifying my needs and implementing self care.

Matt himself is a delightful and generous soul and it is a true pleasure to work with him and ManTarA. I am excited to continue this journey. ”

~ Zina, Author, Canada.

'Extra Help Developing My Spiritual Gifts'

“ Matt and ManTarA were there just when I needed the extra help developing my spiritual gifts. They really empowered me to develop what was already within me in seed form, and supported me in the process of bringing these gifts to the world, in my business and in my personal life. Matt showed up as a normal guy who listened well and deeply, didn't judge me, but challenged me to be fully myself, I am so excited to have a better handle on where to take my business forward, and to serve the people who I'm being asked to serve. Working with Matt has been truly transformational, and I will forever be grateful to him and to ManTarA for helping me to be more of myself, as I help people to be more authentically themselves in this world. ”

~ Theresa, Wisconsin

'I Am Now Embarking On My Own Purpose Work'

“ Matt and ManTarA provided me with a space in our sessions and their supportive communities to gain the courage to keep moving forward through a time of great pain in my life over the last few years. The depth of healing in this space has been exceptional, and I will say guaranteed if you participate actively and incorporate it into your life. My experience of myself today is like the polar reality of my past :) I am now embarking on my own purpose work, facilitating using my spiritual gifts and abilities, and have gained the confidence to take steps towards creating my own business doing what I love, I never thought that would be possible for me, but here it is! ”

~ Emily, Sydney

'I Have Accessed Greater Trust in My Intuition'

“ Previously I had done a lot of inner work and healing work, and yet from working with Matt and ManTarA I have received remarkable results. My major breakthrough has been a huge gain in self worth and confidence, which was a major issue throughout my life. I came to the immersion program with an open mind, and really wondering why I’m trying yet another healing journey. I had half given up that a good life is for me, very heartbroken that although I could access my intuition; I could not put things into action due to self-esteem and worth issues. Matt is an amazing facilitator of transformation, holding a loving space, and looking out for your best interest. A great hearted man. I love the combination of Empowerment with support and Matt’s wisdom, making the experience fun and effective. I have accessed greater trust in my intuition, focus and feel great and excited to be alive, experiencing all life offers. I also developed a deeper relationship with Spirit. I feel empowered. Life is All good. Thank you Matt and ManTarA. ”

~ Michelle, Sydney

'My Inner Life Has Change Dramatically from Dark to Light'

“ Previously I had done a lot of inner work and healing work, and yet from working with Matt and ManTarA I have received remarkable results. My major breakthrough has been a huge gain in self worth and confidence, which was a major issue throughout my life. I came to the immersion program with an open mind, and really wondering why I’m trying yet another healing journey. I had half given up that a good life is for me, very heartbroken that although I could access my intuition; I could not put things into action due to self-esteem and worth issues. Matt is an amazing facilitator of transformation, holding a loving space, and looking out for your best interest. A great hearted man. I love the combination of Empowerment with support and Matt’s wisdom, making the experience fun and effective. I have accessed greater trust in my intuition, focus and feel great and excited to be alive, experiencing all life offers. I also developed a deeper relationship with Spirit. I feel empowered. Life is All good. Thank you Matt and ManTarA. ”

~ Thea

'I Always Feel Supported by his Work'

“ Dear Ones, I would like to share my personal experiences with you concerning the ManTarA packages you may be considering to purchase. Matt Andrews is a wonderful light language therapist. For me personally I have had experiences of great relief and relaxation by simply listening and following his easy to do instructions. He is a great guide in directing you through the process of connection with your Higher Self and allowing the light language to help facilitate the process. Matt has helped and guided me with his loving and gentle reminders through releasing my most dense areas with his calm and soothing voice. Matt is devoted to your healing and comes from a gracious and giving heart. I always feel supported by his work, and I feel that once you experience it, it definitely becomes a part of you in ways that will be meaningful for you. Matt never seems to miss a beat and hits directly on the bulls eye with his topics. I can not say enough about him and his work. He truly is a gem. ”

~ Mary, USA

'Peeling off Unwanted Emotions in an Organized Intelligent Manner'

“ For me there is nothing more important now than clearing the fear and layers of negative emotions that humans seem to deal with daily. Matts work peels off these unwanted emotions in an organized intelligent manner. I feel blessed to have found his work and am enjoying it immensely. ”

~ Kim Caldwell, creator of The Archangelology Series and More

'Peeling off Unwanted Emotions in an Organized Intelligent Manner'

“ Matt from the bottom of my heart please KNOW that the work you and the guys (ManTarA) are doing is truly remarkable and really zero's in to the root of the matter for release. ”

~ Beryl, Canada

'Removed a Very Dark Entity'

“ I heard about Matt and the ManTarA angels when he spoke on Eram's first tele-summit in the fall. We have had about 6 private sessions and they have all been beneficial. I was having trouble with dark energies and entities that I could not free myself from this intense energy. On the second session, Matt and the ManTarA angels removed a very dark entity and created a protection system that is still in place six months later. A huge burden has been lifted from my energy field. I continue to practice the ManTarA method of releasing six months later and my confidence has grown immensely. Matt is a very kind human being, and he delivered the messages from the ManTarA angels in a way that I could understand. ”

~ Kathy Jackson

'After 40 years I could feel that my spine was unwinding the twists'

“ I have had the most wonderful experience after the support call. The next day, I felt really off and was having a lot of discomfort in my whole spine and especially my neck and feeling like my head was not on straight even more than usual. Over the next couple of days, I had severe pain in sections of my back where the spine was twisted from a car accident many years ago. Then, my body began to integrate all of the changes that it was making and I could feel that my spine was unwinding the twists. I played the call again last night and have felt really good today.

I have been working on this for forty years and now in just a couple of days it feels like my spine is able to release the trauma. I am so grateful to you and ManTarA. Thank you.

Much love to you Matt, ”
~ Rosann

'Effective in Removing the Emotional Clutter'

“ I've purchased a couple of packages of Matt and ManTarA and I have found them to be excellent. Matt is so generous with his time and his spirit. I'm also in his month-to-month Transformation Support program and he has created a beautiful and supportive group. I've got mp3s from Matt's new program and it is effective in removing the emotional clutter that most of us experience. Matt is not your run of the mill healer. He's quirky, funny, honest, and doesn't put himself on a pedestal. I always enjoy the calls and Facebook live videos with Matt. I have no hesitation recommending his programs. ”

~ Ayesha Hilton, Author & Transformation Coach

'The MP3 has Removed Tons of Stress/Fears from Me'

“ That is the most amazing thing I've ever felt. It's hard to verbalise but that is sooo big - feels like it's removed tons of stress/fears from me, and that must have been much bigger than I realised. I feel tingly and lighter. Matt/ManTarA makes my heart dance with joy and I can feel the appreciation of being. I'm breathing better - Energy! Oxygen! While listening to the recordings I was tearing up, crying, feeling depressed, angry and upset. My body/feet and head buzzing. I felt terrible unbearable pain in different parts of my body - like terrible kidney pain going down my leg while releasing and dissolving tons of blockages and traumas - I'm in my 60’s. I know my fear addiction and money problems are clearing once and for all. I wish I had met Matt,ManTarA before wasting lots of money on other healing programs that only scratched the surface of my traumas/blockages etc.... Matt/ManTarA is the best teacher and guide I/you could ask for :-) !!!! ”

~ Teresa, UK

'The MP3 has Removed Tons of Stress/Fears from Me'

“ I bought the package and I am very content with the results. After some time of just surrendering the “sound carpets” of ManTarA I simply fell in love with the energy waves and the contents of the different MP3s, which I found very wisely chosen from the subjects and great comments and introductions from Matt. Everything just fitted. When I had the private session with Matt, I enjoyed his warm-hearted and authentic enthusiasm and determination to help and turn things around for the best outcome. I could see a lot of energy moving and had hot spirals coming out of my hands. ManTarA feels like good friends since then. Once again I was thrilled by the group call. Listening to the replay I experienced once again a deep clearing, especially in my solar plexus area. Since then my tummy is nicely flat again and my energy throughout the day is astonishing high and strong! Blessings to all of you for your work with a huge THANK YOU! ”

~ Bianca, from Germany


Matt Andrews on Wisdom of the Ancients

Matt Andrews

Matt Andrews comes from a very intellectual, left-brained, background, having trained as a professional mechanical engineer. However, he now finds himself as a conduit for the powerful transformational energies that flow through from Spirit. Matt works primarily with a collective of angelic light beings known to him as ManTarA, using Light Language to create an energetic space in the quantum that invites clients to expand out of their limitations, release their discordant energies, raise their vibrations into Love and Joy, and to connect with their higher aspects of Self.

ManTarA works through Matt with the intention of facilitating Transformation in an empowered way. We encourage a focus on what you are choosing to align with and become, rather than trying to fix or overcome problems. The process of Transformation starts in the very core of your being and ripples out towards the external world, as you align more and more with your true authentic Divine essence all of the dense, dark, discordant, energies that have been creating limitation and discomfort in your life will naturally clear.

ManTarA works for your Higher Self to create the conducive conditions that best assist your Higher Self in making changes in your energetic field so that your life can improve. With Light Language and powerful Intention, we help you get out of your own way, out of your mental beliefs, so your highest good can be realised.

While Matt's work with ManTarA is awesomely powerful and very effective at facilitating profound transformation, they manage to keep the process fun but also very practical. ManTarA are beings of Light and Joy, and Matt is a down to earth, well-grounded family man that enjoys a good laugh, and has plenty of life experience that he is not afraid to share, together they maintain an energetic space that is very comfortable and inviting so that everyone can relax into allowing foundational shifts to naturally occur.