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Gene Ang

Arcturian Mountain Transmission


Recorded live from the Matterhorn in Switzerland, this mp3 connects you to the spirit of the Matterhorn mountain in order to open a cosmic gateway or antenna. Energetically mountains are known to act as huge spiritual antennas transmitting energies both to and from the earth and cosmos. This is one of the reasons many star ship sightings are seen near or on mountains.

The Arcturian Mountain Transmission is a chance to join a group pillar of energy formed by all the participants which is enhanced by the consciousness and energy of the Matterhorn Mountain. This huge open channel is utilized to help people download their own particular star and soul information. Star information could be from Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, Arcturus for example. This information will help you accelerate your life path for what is happening now and in the near future. The Arcturian energy and consciousness assists in keeping the gate open during the transmission and is there in a support role.

Ana Maria Vasquez

Ancient Sacred Plant Medicine Infusion


Join Ana Maria on a plant led shamanic journey that will allow you to reclaim an ancient ally for healing in your mind, body, and spirit. You will be enveloped in music made by the Cannabis plant’s bio-energetic field to calibrate your personal energetic field to the high vibration of Divine Intelligence. Coming into resonance with this vibration sets the healing in motion. You’ll feel the shifts with even this small exposure, now imagine the possibilities for you and your animals if you choose to collaborate with the sacred cannabis plant in an even more conscious and consistent way.

Maria Christina Owl

Rainbow Body Meditation


This powerful meditation takes you on a sound and vibration journey of clearing and recalibrating your etheric, mental and emotional bodies. It reconnects you to your natural harmonic state in relation to the cosmos and Mother Earth. Listen to it daily upon waking or before sleep for maximum benefit.

Anne Deidre

Awaken Your Divine Intuitive Power

Gift bundle - PDF/MP3

Your gift bundle includes the in-depth 16 page Awaken Your Divine Intuitive Power ebook and the beautiful Chakra Tuning Guided Meditation (MP3, 17 min.) This special healing meditation which has been infused with Divine energy to facilitate the opening of your heart and energy centers.

Brian Besco on Wisdom of the Ancients

Brian Besco

Universal Light Activation

Guided Journey - Audio

Join Brian on a 13 minute journey, into the Quantum Void of infinite possibilities. From this space, your entire Soul Spark will be anchored into the human, and into the very core of your physical being (DNA).

We will ultimately anchor in this Field of Universal Light, which contains the Field of Universal Peace as well as your Light, as well as the Sacred Heart.

Lori Spagna

Unlocking Your Dormant DNA mp3 Class


What is the dormant DNA and what is it good for anyway?

During this free mini class you will learn about the real and scientifically valid information regarding your DNA including...

Meg Benedicte

Quantum Access™ Meditation
- Heal, Clear, Break Free!


As we move through the Ascension process, we need help lifting our mind/body into higher frequency and balanced stillness, so we can break free of the Matrix of enslavement. When we use the Quantum Access™ Activations, we are training our atoms to spin counter-clockwise in increasing oscillation towards the speed of Light! This is the spin reversal required to Ascend out of 3D Time Matrix and into 5D Freedom!

Our energy is changing in direction from the past to the future with the counter-clockwise spin...

Peter Tongue

Finding Peace During Tumultuous Times


We are going through a major transition on the planet. Many of the old systems that have been running the planet for the past 5000 years are breaking down and coming to an end. The energy of the planet is no longer supporting these systems and a crumbling is taking place. Not only with the systems of world around us but also our own internal world as you may sense that you are crumbling and breaking apart. It is a magnificent shift from this old world patriarchal system into a new world of a balanced Masculine and Feminine energy… a new Golden Age of peace and harmony and technological advances to take us into this. This meditation will assist you in moving through these challenging times.

Lanna Spencer

New Blueprint for Humanity

2 mp3 audios: New Year's Day 2019 webinar – One with music, one without

This is an incredibly potent and trans-formative New Earth Entrainment Activation for the up-levelling of the 5th dimensional heart structure and the body. Activation: Part one of a three part webinar series for A new Blueprint for Humanity.

"The New Years Day transmission was very different for me in that I felt as though I was transmitting from outside the galaxy and yet was also in the body. At one point I found myself in the space, surrounded by light beings in Orion’s belt. From this vantage point I was able to see that there is an array of energy (I say array because it is one and yet is the many), like vaporous lights emanating into the atmosphere and it is beginning to appear at the sacred sites and in awakened ones cells as though they have tiny auras...

Shelley Esler

Cutting Cords & Clearing All Forms of Entities and Implants


Do you ever feel like you have a shadow hanging over you? Something weighing you down? You’re doing the work, trying to do all the right things, but your results fall short of your desires. Maybe you’re anxious, angry, fearful, unhappy and you don’t know why. These can all be signs of entity inference.

This audio will enable you to cut and clear everything that’s not in your life for your highest good so that you can soar free and manifest your desires.

Anything That’s Not Unconditional Love Must Be Cut & Cleared! Through this audio, you will…

Irma Kaye Sawyer

The Aquarian Healer


In illness, the physical body may be seen as the "enemy" and as a thing to be feared instead of loved. True healing on all levels is really a return to the knowledge that no matter what, you are okay, and actually even better than that. You are not the body, nor any of these passing scenes. To return to your original, organic state of LOVE is powerful medicine.

Alicia Power

What Is Love Really?

How To Find Never-Ending Love

Transcript of Tele-Conference with Alicia Power

Diana Cooper



In this video Diana Cooper shows you how to make your own archangel balls, so that you can bathe in the energy of these Illumined Beings. These special Balls also give you downloads of archangel qualities to help your daily life.

TheoSophia Rose

Mother Speaks about Healing


Mother TheoSophia Rose speaks and sings from her Heart about the evolution of Healing. This audio offers a Blessing to assist you on your Path. It speaks of Being... Beyond that which you know. It brings forth a deep level of Peace as you listen to Mother's Voice.

Tasha Bollermann

Embodying your Truth for Abundance


This guided meditation opens you up to greater presence in your body and your life. It helps with grounding into your truth with the expansion of love and compassion. We often have unwritten contracts with situations and people in our lives. In this meditation I will guide you through recognizing and releasing the contracts that no longer serve you, so that you are free to make a new choice. In this meditation, I also help you to better understand your karmic body, and how it influences your life. So, find a comfortable space, and allow me to guide you toward wholeness and greater abundance. Enjoy!

Zoe Davenport

Unconditional Love Guided Meditation


Guided Meditation to leave you feeling grounded, nourished and love.

Aurora Luna Star

Fear Release


In this meditation you will be guided into the heart of your truth where you remember your connection to Divine Source and All That Is. Through this channeled process, the Elders of the Cosmos and your Ancestors will assist in releasing old patterning and beliefs that have been carried down through generations around money, health, success and worthiness. Your light is so important and is being called into new levels of action. As you step forward into your light, resistance acts as the loyal opposition to allow you to see where you have distortion in your awareness. This process is designed to assist you in moving into your Sovereign, Divine awareness of purpose and actuality.

Charan Surdhar

Dolphin Forgiveness Meditation


A short meditation, that incorporates the frequency of Source, in a playful way with dolphins, bringing in forgiveness. This powerful combination allows you to access health, abundance and well-being that resides in you.