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Nora Herold

Crystalline Light Body Activation


The Pleiadians offer a process, their perspective, and a transmission of energy facilitating the activation of your crystalline light body. This powerful transmission and process takes you from your third dimensional identity to your fifth dimensional identity connecting your awareness to your crystalline light body, integrates those energies into your third dimensional chakra system, activates the crystalline codes lying dormant within your DNA, and expands out into your fifth dimensional chakra system, facilitating the activation of your creator abilities.

Claudia Wenning

Heart Space Meditation


This meditation will assist you to open your heart space and bring in the light. It will deeply relax you, balance you, vibrationally uplift you, and reconnect you to the innate awareness that you are light yourself!

Listen to it, breath with it, and effortlessly come into the feeling of wholeness, lightness, strength and self empowerment!

The message is in the words as well as in the silences, allow this lightness to fill your heart space, your whole body, all the aspects of who you truly are, your entire energy field.

It will support you to get in touch with your true essence, and shine that brightly. Breath in the light!

Marina Jacobi

Nano Technology


Nano technology explains and is giving us perspective how the particles in the universe or structures are connected. How you can construct in deconstructed realities. How you can create life structure and let the particle it self to choose its structure.

The nano technology e-book proves that consciousness is the life structure of intelligence on its own. Nano technology proves that everything is interconnected and merging by mutating itself to new realities.

Jill Mattson



These three tracks have music in the colors of violet, pink and white. The music also has channeled energies of all angles and masters in that ray. You literally download the higher energy with each listen. This links you to the angels and masters and helps you recognize what they feel like and communicate to them. Below are the channeled energies in each of the three tracks.

Danielle Brooks



Blessing My I AM Presence

This blessing is a simple and potent way to open up to Divine wisdom and clarity. It is an invocation of sacred truth, power and Oneness. It is a remembering of who you are.

Your words have power.

You have power beyond your imagining.

Use this Blessing to align with your Highest Self, that part of you that is all seeing, all knowing and all loving. When we place our trust in our I Am presence we open to infinite possibilities and the miraculous.

Trust in yourself, speak your truth and remember who you are.

You are loved beyond measure.

Dr. Karen Kan

Clearing and Protection Spray Formula


It is documented with scientific studies that healing cannot occur in an environment that is energetically dirty no matter how powerful the healer. When you play this video and focus your attention on a source of water, that water will be charged with a multitude of healing frequencies using TOLPAKAN™ healing. You can use it as a room spray to clear negative energies including negative entities, harmful extraterrestrial portals, vortexes, cords, energy weapons, etc. and impart a positive FORCEFIELD that prevents any harmful attacks. No harmful beings can enter the space and higher level beings will find it easier to assist you in the ascended space. Once sprayed in a room, the effect lasts for approximately 24 hours. It is recommended that you use it in your bedroom right before falling asleep. You can also use it as a personal spray and add essential oils if you like. When used as an oral tincture, it will enhance light energies in your body and heal entities that are firmly attached to someone (please note that some may experience brief mild detoxification symptoms such as headaches, sadness, fatigue, nausea as the entities leave). This spray is perfect for healers to clear their office between clients and to maintain a healthy positive attitude throughout the day. Both staff and clients will thank you! It is also great to spray at home to encourage peaceful happy relationships.

Sara Landon



Join Sara Landon & The Council for LIVE YOUR GREATEST CALLING: Create Your Best Life Possible! This powerful, transformational, life-changing opportunity includes the wisdom and teachings to guide you step-by-step to live your greatest calling.

Debbi Adams

Healing Light Body Love


Bring gentle yet empowering peace, love, healing and light to your body, mind and spirit. This transmission attunes you with loving the body, loving the self while infusing the cells with revitalizing love and light to rejuvenate you. Positively recharge yourself with higher vibrations to radiate true oneness as you integrate within body and soul energies.

Camilla KumaRa

Rainbow Ray Boost
Deep meditation with Light Language Activations


Mark Romero

Energy Harmonization - Build Self-Worth


In the world we live in today, money is the agreed upon medium for exchanging value. If you are struggling to opening to more abundance, one of the key steps you must take is to build your Self-Worth. If you don't value who and what you are, and what you bring to the world, is it any wonder that you struggle to open to more prosperity? Buy building your Self-Worth, you will send a message to the universe proclaiming your value. As a result, you will begin to attract more abundance into your life. Through this Energy Harmonization, Mark will guide you through a powerful process that will begin to build this essential state of being and align your energy with more prosperity.

Nora WalksInSpirit

Soul to Infinite Soul Connection


Elizabeth Wood

Healing the Three Minds: The Brain, The Heart, and The Gut


Healing the Three Minds: The Brain, The Heart, and The Gut is a concise look at the basic tools I used to cure myself of debilitating PTSD. Much of my journey has been driven by a search to find answers and cures for my own ailments. I'm very pleased to share with you the simple culmination of what really worked for me, and now, thousands of others. I talk about healing my mind from trauma and negative programming, treating it like a computer. I also talk about the importance and incredible power of the Heart Mind, a deeply intelligent organ here to serve you, the Soul. And I discuss my understanding of the Gut Mind from a Medical Anthropology point of view. This viewpoint changed my understanding of my intelligent biome and how to care for all three Minds. I hope this will serve you greatly in your journey towards Oneness!

Mary & Gary O'Brien



This frequency-filled guided meditation, begins with a call by Mary from an ancient language summoning forth the Earth so that you can build your connection to it and to walk more clearly in the Footsteps of Light of all those Lightworkers and Towers of Light that have gone before.

You will also hear the Earth’s voice as channeled by DZAR as you are lead through a beautiful process of connecting back to that Light that you truly are and expanding that throughout the world.. Enjoy the return to the Knowing and Wholeness and majesty that you truly are.

“You are Beings of extraordinary awareness, you are beings of extraordinary possibility. You are Beings of All That Is.”

Lori Spagna

Unlocking Your Dormant DNA mp3 Class


What is the dormant DNA and what is it good for anyway?

During this free mini class you will learn about the real and scientifically valid information regarding your DNA including...

Marilyn Harper

Leverage Your Akash to Accelerate Your Present Life Purpose

2-hour Online Class

The Leverage Your Akash Experience

Viewing your Akashic Records can be very helpful in understanding and releasing past events that may be blocking you, and can also activate powerful experiences of past successes that can actually accelerate you. This experience can help you to release chronic, physical, and emotional pain that is keeping you small and distracted from your true purpose, in this life. During the class, Marilyn (and Adironnda) guides you through an Akashic Records meditation. Afterwards, the collective will share the experience and Adironnda will provide insight.

According to Michael Brown, The Presence Process [Melo don't link this], people just keep repeating the same patterns over and over until they shift what DOESN’T work. During this two hour workshop, Marilyn (and Adironnda) teach how to go into the record-keeper, the Akash and bring forth your Divine Essence, your purpose that can shape your life on this planet. You will pull forth those experiences that might still be blocking you, you will release, heal, or integrate them. THEN you will go into your Akashic Records finding the experiences that are SUPPORTING you with your best qualities, your loves and your joy. You will then learn how to magnify those positive qualities for a happier, joy-filled life.

Christopher Macklin

Clearing Your Akashic Records Meditation


Each soul’s history is chronicled and archived within the Akashic Records. These sacred records were created by the Melchizedek Beings and Ascended Master, Serapis Bey, to serve as a spiritual-growth “point of reference” for all beings attending the physical-embodiment classroom of this 3rd dimensional Earth.

To attain higher levels of awakening, it is important to keep your Akashic Records pristine and updated, while always based in purity and truth. Christopher strategically begins this guided meditation with a powerful clearing of these records to remove all forms of negative entity attachments, cords, interference, distortion, false information and soul ties which are no longer in your Highest Good.

The Melchizedek Beings are then sent into all timelines to clear any blockages and manipulations, which can prevent you from reaching your Highest Purpose in this lifetime. This healing meditation completes with three Sacred Prayers to Remove Spiritual Attack, Activate Ultimate Protection and affirm your total Sovereignty. Beyond profound, get ready to work directly with the Melchizedek Beings to clear, strengthen and improve your Past, Present and Future now.

Amy Jo Ellis

Ancient Truths and Wisdom


Ancient Truths and Wisdom – Could also be titled. Manifestation Made Easy! It is a compilation of 20 days of channel writing. I was talking with Ancient Masters, who used the power of their thoughts to create some of the biggest mysteries on Earth.

These Masters, wish to see all of us begin using the power of our thoughts to create in our own lives, as well as restore harmony for the Earth. Ancient Truths and Wisdom, breaks down the information into short exercises with easy to follow steps.

Since I have written this book, I look at life in a whole new way. Circumstances that at one time would have caused me great stress, now just give me reasons to think and ponder their solution. I am free of the anxiety that once ruled my life. I am peaceful. It is my hope that you read this book and begin enjoying the power of mindful manifestation.

Christel Hughes

Trio of Crystal Cleanse Audios


These audios are accessible online and available to as downloadable MP3's. The sessions have been recorded and you can download the audios to keep. Please listen to these Crystal Cleanse audios before the Wisdom Path Ascension Orientation call.